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On the second day of Christmas: by DerpyHooves450
On the second day of Christmas:
It took three hours, three hours whyyyy
also, thats Mistletoe :))
Characters: :iconarchserpent:
Art and Wolfspirit: :iconderpyhooves450:
[] You have blue/green eyes (brown)

[X] You have freckles

[X] You blush a lot

[X] You giggle

[X] You are quiet

[X] You say random things

[X] You have a baby face

[X] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing (pajamas ftw)

[X] You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy

[X] You are less than 5 feet 6 inches (5’2”)


[X] You are a virgin

[X] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush

[] Your idea of a date is really romantic

[X] You sleep with a stuffed animal

[X] You like to cuddle

[X] You never played the nervous game

[X] You don't even know what the nervous game is

[] You cry easily


[ ] You like the color pink

[ ] You tend to wear bright girly colors  

[X] You CAN be ignorant

[X] You consider yourself shy

[X] You like happy, upbeat music

[] You like "cutesy" music  

[X] You like small animals

[ ] You like babies a lot

[X] Mini versions of things make you go nuts

Total: 20 x 5 = 100

Now take your number and multiply by 5.

Now repost this as "I'm___% cute!"
Friendly reminder that the last we have seen of Sollux as of yet is here:…
Tagged by AmberCatProductions (bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh)

1) Write down every letter in your name
2) Write down a song that pops into into you head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

Might as well make it official...

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) - Fall Out Boy
Electra Heart - Marina And The Diamonds
Galaxies - Owl City
Alligator Sky - Owl City
Nothing left to say - Imagine Dragons

TAGS: winterheartwarriors ArchSerpent hollyleafxbirchstar X-CoyoteFeathers-X and SpaceInk 


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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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United Kingdom
Bestest frieND EVER!!!!

You all have your favourite emotes, right, well, mine is :iconhandspazzplz:
It's me in real life! (Not really) :D
So my friend code for Pokemon X is 0232-9941-6386

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An example of a comish maybe? by DerpyHooves450
Lookie who made a closed species :OO by DerpyHooves450
You can commission me for Ariyahs here, if you couldn't tell.
The thing is a finished picture, like the picture on the left, and will not contain any backgrounds, mostly because it is a reference for the person who commissioned me.
If commissioning me for this, please specify if you want the body to be a darker purple/blue, the same shade, or a lighter purple/blue (depending on gender), if you want it to be one of the Zodiac (Hierarchy), what colour markings you want them to have, and anything else you deem necessary.

Full body
20 Point Adoptable! by DerpyHooves450
Request - Stellar by DerpyHooves450
Protected By The Mind by DerpyHooves450
Unity among the Clans. by DerpyHooves450
Faithpaw by DerpyHooves450
An example of a comish maybe? by DerpyHooves450
Same as below but with full body shots instead
Water Dragon? by DerpyHooves450
The Mage Who Made Alliances by DerpyHooves450
The Heiress Protected By Life by DerpyHooves450
Just, faceshots of OC's, cats, dogs, anything.
REAL PRICE IS 5 points


DerpyHooves450 has started a donation pool!
50 / 50
I need to save up for Premium Membership and stuffs, so please, if you are kind, clicky here, maybe I'll start doing commissions and stuff!

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