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Stitches by DerpyHooves450
This is my ragdoll cat OC, Stitches!
Go check out hollyleafxbirchstar, as she made this species and I used the base to make this amazing kitty!
It’s a normal day at work.
I sit at the till, scan the items that are to be bought, take the money, give change, rinse and repeat. My job is working at the local shop in town as the cashier, simple pay and simple job description, just enough to pay the bills.
Its 3:20pm, just after a lot of kids come out of school with their parents (if they aren't young enough to come home by themselves, that is…). Its rush hour at this time, children of 5-16 come in their uniforms, get what they want they or their mothers pay, and they leave.
The reason I'm telling this story is because of the last group to pay and leave, at around 3:30.
They come in, a mother of around 20-30 years old, her daughter of 7, and the little brother, who is 4, I’ve come to find out. The children rush to the sweet aisle, which is just opposite of the till, but they don't cause any trouble as the mother goes to the appliance aisle. I assume she does this because she thinks I can watch them.
The children are literally living angels, I swear, so I don't mind. The little boy is very polite, and when an old man with a stiff back drops a can of beans, the young boy bends right down and picks it up, putting it in the man’s shopping basket. He tells me his name is Jace. The girl is called Casey, and she likes hearing the stories the people waiting in the queue tell her, she doesn't interrupt, and at the end of the story, even if it as simple as a cat doing cute things, her eyes are full of wonder, and she thanks them for the story.
When their mother comes back, it is well after the store has gone quiet, and I have learned many of things about Casey and Jace, as it was just us three and the mother, and I had no more items to scan. She tells them that they are allowed one chocolate bar or sweet each. Casey reaches for a pink kinder egg that she has had her eye on for a while now, and I am not very surprised to find that Jace grabs another of the same colour. Pink. This is because Jace has told me that he likes to be like her sister, because ‘she knows more things and normally knows what to do’ and he likes that. It tells me a lot about the two, really, it’s sort of like his role model is his sister, which makes me very happy.
To my dismay, their mother has none of it. She tells Jace to take the white one, because the pink one was for girls. He insists that he wants the pink one, but once again, her mother denies him of it. She quickly takes the kinder egg from his hand, places it back on the shelf and hands her son a plain, white one.
Jace starts to cry. But his mother ignores him, and pays for the white and the pink kinder egg. Casey has said nothing since Jace has burst into tears, but I don't know why.
I swallow a lump in my throat as she gives Jace the white kinder egg and Casey the pink, and then leaves with the two in tow. Jace is still wailing.
At least I am able to slip a smile as Casey and Jace swap kinder eggs behind their mother’s back, and the young boy finally stops crying. Casey doesn’t mind that they have swapped, she happily eats her kinder egg, and Jace looks very happy as he digs into his.
Bless those two angels. Sweetest things I'd seen all day.
Well Then. by DerpyHooves450
Well Then.
Ahhh. Flirting, the cutest thing a chibi can do.
Base: girl chibi base
In response to :iconhollyleafxbirchstar:'s response to my question! :iconinception:
#Old Artsyle :PP by DerpyHooves450
#Old Artsyle :PP
wooh I guess
I like square canvases dont judge me kthnxbai

 I feel like I've induced armageddon. I've introduced my dad to fandoms. Specifically the back to the future fandom. He's joining tumblr tomorrow, I don't want him to see the stuff that happens on tumblr


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Bestest frieND EVER!!!!

You all have your favourite emotes, right, well, mine is :iconhandspazzplz:
It's me in real life! (Not really) :D
So my friend code for Pokemon X is 0232-9941-6386

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An example of a comish maybe? by DerpyHooves450
Lookie who made a closed species :OO by DerpyHooves450
You can commission me for Ariyahs here, if you couldn't tell.
The thing is a finished picture, like the picture on the left, and will not contain any backgrounds, mostly because it is a reference for the person who commissioned me.
If commissioning me for this, please specify if you want the body to be a darker purple/blue, the same shade, or a lighter purple/blue (depending on gender), if you want it to be one of the Zodiac (Hierarchy), what colour markings you want them to have, and anything else you deem necessary.

Full body
20 Point Adoptable! by DerpyHooves450
Request - Stellar by DerpyHooves450
Protected By The Mind by DerpyHooves450
Unity among the Clans. by DerpyHooves450
Faithpaw by DerpyHooves450
An example of a comish maybe? by DerpyHooves450
Same as below but with full body shots instead
Water Dragon? by DerpyHooves450
The Mage Who Made Alliances by DerpyHooves450
The Heiress Protected By Life by DerpyHooves450
Just, faceshots of OC's, cats, dogs, anything.
REAL PRICE IS 5 points


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I need to save up for Premium Membership and stuffs, so please, if you are kind, clicky here, maybe I'll start doing commissions and stuff!

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